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Effective environmental communication, including awareness raising, education and outreach, is essential for promoting sustainable development. The sustainable future lies with our ability to educate children and adults to take responsibility for the common environment. The educational programmes designed for environmental communication are a critical component in supporting the learning processes needed for sustainable living as known today and for finding the ways needed for tomorrow’s actions

From the communications point of view the problem faced by the organisations that provide environmental educational programmes is being overloaded by everyday practicalities. The time and other resources needed to require, receive and discuss the latest environmental knowledge for development activities are limited.

On the other hand the research community and environmental authorities have not enough experience or motivation to transfer and communicate even existing knowledge with the environmental educators. The project Cobweb is born from this need. It focuses in creating models for cross-border cooperation where the key actors, such as universities, museums and nature and environmental schools, are together building environmental educational programmes. Programmes which are based on the latest knowledge of environmental and sustainability issues and effective environmental communication but also touching to people’s feelings and senses.

Cobweb combines the scientific approach with concrete awareness raising activity and methodology approach to a joint educational material building process with concrete outputs.

What do we create?


Expert forums

Movable exhibitions

Museeum exhibitions

Role taking website

Nature and Environmental Schoool programs

Friendship between differnt cultures

Inspiratin and ideas for a more sustainabel lifestyle in the Baltic Sea area.

Cumminacation the Baltic COBWEB project is co-financed by EUs Central Baltic Interreg IV A programme 2007-2013

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